Find the swedish payday loans spam networks

A spam control service from Smslå

Lå is a service that will help you find spam networks in the swedish loan business. This is done by organizing sites that are found (for typically spammy loan queries) by IP, owners, dns, registrars, creation dates, expiry dates and more. This makes it easy to spot which websites that are mass produced (spam). It could be a very good complement to the ordinary spam reports.

How it works

Pre-sorted lists give you quick info

The easiest way to spot mass producers is to start with the pre-sorted lists above. Example: You can find the most common owners, the most common IPs, the most common creation dates, the latest registered domains and the latest found domains. Click on data to bring up sites that share this data - and screenshots! All sites that are in the system has been found for at least one query. They will be stored in the system even if they get filtered out (which makes it easier to spot networks and owners).

The tool doesn't find link spam

The "Loan Snake" is not a backlink tool and can only spot networks that are easily detected and can found by IP, DNS, registrar, owner, email, creation date, expiry date and so on. If the sites looks similar too, well that's a good sign of spam too.

The Loan Snake was programmed in 3 weeks, which means it is not more advanced than this.

Heavy spammers that spend most time buying links will not we found by the snake if they don't build a network which are easily spotted.

All sites found are not spam

The Loan Snake picks all results. As an example, you will find my own site and my blog when you use this tool. The solution to find spam is to investigate the patterns through the organized data. For example, a high ranking site with 27 domains registered with the same owner are most probably spam.

Important! Your site is not spam just because you are found by this tool.

Lates data update

Latest site import: 2014-05-11

And some humor on that

This is good to know if you want to understand this video and how the "Loan Snake" got it's name.

The swedish payday loan business was for a long time dominated by spam domains which many times contained an animal name plus the name "payday loan" (smslån in Swedish). The domains were spammed to the top very agressively, got the cash and then got filtered by Google. The procedure was then repeated with the same (successful) result. The video above is a parody of this and the extreme method used in combination with very fast mass production of sites.

I created the "loan snake" because of these sites and the first network to get killed by this tool where the zoo network after I wrote this blog post to Matt Cutts.

It is easy to understand that it is no "fight" going on between me and the guy whose site network got killed and actually, he blog about it here and I also have my response to that. It is his story, not mine, I don't agree even slightly to the full story (when talking about me) but anyway, how he worked is an interesting read and I have nothing against him personally. Business is business.

I will post a story about the complete project soon. No hate, just information about my project(s). Follow me on Twitter.

Follow the SEO Snake on Twitter if you want to buy your own report in the future. The program is easily customized to investigate any niche. Maybe I make it possible, but the service will not be open or free.

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